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Provincial Economic Service

The Provincial Economic Service provides detailed forecasts of more than 300 economic and demographic variables for a 10-year period for each of Canada and its ten provinces.  This service is used by governments, utilities, retailers, developers and other organizations that require an in-depth, long-term view of economic and demographic trends in Canada.

Each report includes an overview of the current economic outlook for each province.  This includes forecasts for GDP growth, inflation, employment and population plus a discussion of the national and international assumptions incorporated in the forecast.

Detailed charts and tables are provided in support of the outlook for each province.  Data coverage includes:

     output and employment for 37 industries,
     the labour market,
     population by age and sex,
     households by age of head,
     GDP incomes and expenditures by major category,
     personal and disposable income,
     retail sales and housing starts.

Service Features

     Fall Forecast and Report
     Spring Forecast and Report
     Annual Forecast Presentation
     Telephone Consultation

Geographic Coverage


     Newfoundland and Labrador
     Prince Edward Island
     Nova Scotia
     New Brunswick
     British Columbia

Contact Information

Tom McCormack

     The Centre for Spatial Economics
     15 Martin Street, Suite 203
     Milton, Ontario L9T 2R1
     Phone: (905) 878-8292


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