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Research Services

The Centre for Spatial Economics (C4SE) has carried out customized research services on behalf of clients in support of their decision making.  Our analysis and projections have been used by senior managers in a wide variety of sectors including transportation, health care, tourism, land-planning, commercial development, residential development, and infrastructure placement.  Generally speaking our research falls into one or more of the following five areas.

Economic Development, Industry Studies

Our economic development and industry studies examine the economic structure and performance of different geographic areas or industries.  Our client organizations use the results of this research to assist them in developing communication and planning strategies and in dealing with the regulatory process.

Impact Studies

Many organizations seek to understand the impact of government policies on their organizations or to demonstrate to the public and governments the positive impact their investment decisions will have on the economy.  The C4SE undertakes impact studies to assist organizations in gaining a better understanding of the impacts of government policies and of their own decisions on the economy.

Forecasts and Scenario Analysis

Forecasts and scenario analyses are often important inputs to the decision-making process in organizations.  The C4SE produces regular detailed demographic and economic projections for the provinces and metropolitan areas of Canada.  The Centre also works with organizations to prepare forecasts and conduct scenario analyses geared to the organizationís individual needs.  These forecasts may be for a particular geographic area or for a particular organizationís sales.  The projections are prepared using C4SE economic models, or with models built specifically for an organizationís needs.

Fiscal and Economic Policy Analysis

Our staff has considerable experience in conducting fiscal and economic policy analysis, including modeling fiscal income statements and balance sheets, forecasting fiscal positions and examining the impact of changes in government expenditures and tax policies on the economy and the governmentís fiscal position. At the regional or local level, our experience includes analysis of economic development strategies and policies.


An important strength of the C4SE is the experience and ability of its staff to build customized models for organizations.  These include models of the national, provincial, and sub-provincial economies, and models that help organizations to forecast their sales, costs, and other factors required as inputs to their planning process.  The C4SE provides software to organizations for their in-house use of the models.






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